Shane Christopher Neal is the host of Radio shows on 91.7 Giant FM Classic Rock Radio and Country 89.1 FM. In addition to his ongoing contribution to radio, Shane also co-founded and hosts the BS Live Rocks TV show and the Industry 45 podcast on iTunes / Spotify.

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Shane will be hosting a new show on Saturday nights on Giant FM! Tune in to hear the best hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s & beyond.

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YGK Music is an annual City of Kingston music program that showcases and promotes local music and musicians from Kingston’s homegrown talent through curated playlists.

Shane Christopher Neal takes you “Beyond the Dial” for stories and insights , some Classic Rocks Tunes and also New Music from Classic Rock Artists. Compiled from some of the interviews on the Industry 45 Podcast, this show takes some of those key interview moments and adds some Music to the Mix.

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Industry 45 From the Drum Throne feat. Kristin Nicholls Band (New Canadian Country) Industry 45 – From the Drum Throne

Kristin Nicholls Band hail from Hamilton Ontario. All the members grew up on gospel music & rock n roll.   They’re back with a fresh new sound, & brand new single.  Combining their past with their present, they’ve evolved into what will be their future.  Country music is about storytelling & that’s what these new songs are all about. With a past that have seen the guys playing in front of thousands of people a night across Canada & the US, along with some radio traction for previous projects, KNB are ready to make some waves with their new direction.Kristin chats with me about the New Single FREE AGAIN for, CIC New Music Show,  Rockin' Country Radio Show and KICR Indie Country Radio in Branson MI
  1. Industry 45 From the Drum Throne feat. Kristin Nicholls Band (New Canadian Country)
  2. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne feat. James Downham (New Canadian Country)
  3. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne feat. Shelley Lynch (New Canadian Country)
  4. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne feat. Bernadette Connors (New Canadian Country) | FULL
  5. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne feat. Hiedi Hyacinth (New Canadian Country) | Full

With Dave Woods
With Marc Labelle
With Mike Tramp
with Brian Vollmer
with Asphalt Valentine
with Zach Bair
With Liberty Devitto
with Randy Rand
With Eric the Trainer
with Joey Sykes
with Megadeth’s David Ellefson
With A Flock of Seagulls Kevin Rankin
With Brian Ray from the Paul McCartney Band
With Brian Wheat of Tesla
With Leah Marlene
With Philip Shouse of ACCEPT
Kevin Gale X-Slik Toxik now of Crowning Kings
With Troy Patrick Farrell with White Lion
Trews Drummer Chris Gormley
David Boyd Janes Boots and Hearts winner 2019
Much Music / Songwriter Christopher Ward
Griffin Tucker Recording Artist/ American Idol/ The Voice
Mark Slaughter talks new Slaughter Box Set
Justin Fancy Canadian country singer/songwriter
Night Ranger Drummer/Singer Kelly Keagy
Danny Rossi talks “Light Me Up”
Damon Johnson New Single “Talk Yourself Into Anything”
Dez Money new single Give Me All You Got
Music Historian and Author Denny Somach
John Waite – The Baby’s, Bad English and Solo Artist
Cambree Lovesy Canadian Country Singer
Chris Ryan “Less of a Stranger” New Single
Skid Row Drummer Rob Hammersmith
Revive The Rose with Andy Colonico
Michael Whiteside joined me on Country 89.1 FM
Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons
Billy Idol/Joan Jett Drummer Thommy Price
Author and one time Poison Employee Christopher Long
Jason Petric on Country 89.1FM
Nicole Sumerlyn on Country 89.1FM
Ty Baynton joins me on Country 89.1FM
Josh Ramsay Marianas Trench
Danielle Ryan Live on Country 89
Jason Benoit on New Canadian Country
Dale Lytle of Angeles talk life in Hollywood as an 80s Indie band and the new single “Nothing But Love”

Justin Legacy joins me on Country 89.1FM to talk about his single “Broken Man”
Dylan Burk stops by Country 89 to talk about “What If I”
Ty Hunter Joins me on Country 89 to talk about What Colour You Drive
Teigen Gayse new single I Don’t Need a Boy on Country 89
Industry 45 – From The Drum Throne
Coty Robinson Joins Country 89 for New Canadian Country
Joss Ross joins Country 89 to talk about an incredible 12 Months including 2 Gold Singles and playing the Grey Cup
New Canadian Country with Hurricane Jane from One Ugly Cowboy
New Canadian Country featuring Brooklyn Blackmore
New Canadian Country featuring Hiedi Hyacinth
With Dino McCord
With Rich Redmond
With Dennis DeYoung
with Damon Johnson
with Robin McAuley
with Rob Mount
With The Loyal Order
With Ron Keel
Ty Demerah interview SCN
with Autograph’s Jimi Bell
With Jessica Sevier
With Kathy Valentine of The Go Go’s
With Patrick James Clark
With Dino McCord of Red Voodoo
With Donnie Vie Enuff Z Nuff
Canadian Country Singer/Songwriter Jonny Starkes
BJ Zampa Dokken/House of Lords
Suzi Kory Canadian Country Singer/Songwriter
Country Singer Elyse Saunders
Joey Allen Guitar player in WARRANT
Diamonds & Whiskey
Robin McAuley (Solo Artist/ Black Swan/ McAuley-Schenker Group
Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea
Aaron Leigh Y&T Bass Player and Solo Artist
Mike and Tony of IN THEORY
Andre Comeau talks “Clean Break”
Niagara Punk Band Whatzername “Freedom”
Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French
Rob Fitzgerald joins me on Country 89.1FM
Triumph’s Mike Levine talks band Documentary Film
Kelly Hansen Lead Singer of Foreigner
Carmine Appice Modern Drummer Hall of Fame
Austin MO talks about his latest single “I’m Wanted”
Drummer/Producer/Engineer Ken Mary
K.S.A (KICK SOME ASS) new single by Red Voodoo
Levi Hart joins SCN on Country 89.1FM
Evanescence Drummer Will Hunt
Danielle Todd on Country 89.1FM
Greg Martin The Kentucky Headhunters
Kenneth Brian
Paul Fitzpatrick joins me on Country 89.1FM
Ivan Doroschuk Men Without Hats
Steve Goldberger talks about his latest Album
Anthony Appello from Six Gun Sal
Jeff Buehner of The Loyal Order talks about the bands latest single
Ty Wilson on Country 89 “Another Day, Another Pour”
My TV Wife Jessie T joins me on Country 89 to talk about her latest single
Justin Fancy joins me on Country 89.1 FM
Riki Rachtman Host MTV’s Headbangers Ball
Autograph – From the Drum Throne
Banned and Outlawed join Country 89 for New Canadian Country
Chris Goodwin Joins Country 89 for New Canadian Country
Dave and Sabrina of Rosewood Ave join me on New Canadian Country on Country 89
New Canadian Country featuring Brooke MacArthur
New Canadian Country featuring Rob Fitzgerald
New Canadian Country featuring Bernadette Connors

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Shane co-founded and hosts the Live Rocks show for YourTV Ontario.

Season #5 BS LIVE ROCKS HD 700 YourTV

Interviews on BS Live Rocks

Andy C of Revive The Rose on BS Live Rocks YourTV Niagara HD 700
Tony McLaughlin talks to BS LIVE ROCKS about the Neil Peart Pavilion HD 700
Lou Gramm Drummer Rob Mount Joins BS LIVE ROCKS from Upstate New York
Social Media Influencer Kaye Parker joins BS LIVE ROCKS
JESSIE T Singer/Songwriter from Kitchener Joins BS LIVE ROCKS via ZOOM
My interview with Tim Hicks at the Summer Solstice Canadian Music Expo June 2021