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Shane is a Radio, TV and Media Personality. He is the host of Radio shows on 91.7 Giant FM Classic Rock Radio and on Country 89.1 FM.


Shane Christopher Neal has maintained a constant radio presence, spearheading shows on 91.7 Giant FM & Country 89.1 FM for many years.

New Radio Show : Beyond the Dial

Shane Christopher Neal takes you “Beyond the Dial” for stories and insights , some Classic Rocks Tunes and also New Music from Classic Rock Artists. Compiled from some of the interviews on the Industry 45 Podcast, this show takes some of those key interview moments and adds some Music to the Mix.


Interview with Dave Woods
Interview with Dino McCord
Interview with Marc Labelle

Industry 45 Quick Spin feat Teigen Gayse (C89 New Canadian Country) | FULL Giant TV's Industry 45 Quick Spin

A small-town girl of Métis descent with a big voice and an even bigger message — there’s no better way to describe the power of BC-born producer/singer/songwriter Teigen Gayse. She picked up her first guitar at the age of 13. It wasn’t long before song-writing became a passion. It was the ability to tell her own story, in her own words, that began Teigen’s love for country music. That desire to create pushed her to get an audio engineering degree before striking out on her own as a full-time musician.“I’ve always been fascinated with the writers — wanting to know who created the song,” she explained. “There is no better feeling than getting to perform something I wrote in front of my fans – it's the connection with them that pushes me to work hard.”While her 2021 single I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Anymore has almost 3 Million TikTok views. It took home the honour of Trending Track from Stingray Radio hitting #43 on the Billboard Country Music charts, and amassing over 350,000 streams. Follow up single Blame the Wine reached #46 on the Billboard charts is currently on the rise.
  1. Industry 45 Quick Spin feat Teigen Gayse (C89 New Canadian Country) | FULL
  2. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne- RIKI RACHTMAN (MTV/Cathouse Hollywood) | FULL
  3. Industry 45 Quick Spin feat TY Hunter (Hunter Brothers/New Canadian Country) | FULL
  4. Industry 45 Quick Spin feat Tyler Joe Miller (on Country 89.1FM) | FULL
  5. Industry 45 Quick Spin feat. Justin Fancy (New Canadian Country C89) | FULL

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