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Shane is a Radio, TV and Media Personality. He is the host of Radio shows on 91.7 Giant FM Classic Rock Radio and on Country 89.1 FM.


Shane Christopher Neal has maintained a constant radio presence, spearheading shows on 91.7 Giant FM & Country 89.1 FM for many years.

New Radio Show : Beyond the Dial

Shane Christopher Neal takes you “Beyond the Dial” for stories and insights , some Classic Rocks Tunes and also New Music from Classic Rock Artists. Compiled from some of the interviews on the Industry 45 Podcast, this show takes some of those key interview moments and adds some Music to the Mix.


Interview with Dave Woods
Interview with Dino McCord
Interview with Marc Labelle

Industry 45 From The Drum Throne feat. Banned & Outlawed (New Canadian Country) | FULL Industry 45 – From the Drum Throne

With country music being “the air they breathe”, “the food they eat” and the “song in their hearts”, Banned & Outlawed ’s authentic, down-home ode to the Country genre, fits them better than a well-worn Stetson. And it’s winning Country music Hearts. “Three chords and the truth” That’s they say country music is built on… and for their multi-award nominated Hazelridge, MB, Canadian brothers that sentiment is absolute fact as they continue to deliver their brand of blue collar, true country music as a way of life. Brothers Jon (guitar and vocals) and Daniel Hnatishin (drums and vocals), were raised on hard work, the outdoors, and music- on a 100- acre farm just east of Winnipeg, Canada. Over the last year, through commitment and dedication, they have built a genuine and effective brand and have been recognized by studios in Nashville, venues in Alberta, and radio stations across Canada.
  1. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne feat. Banned & Outlawed (New Canadian Country) | FULL
  2. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne feat. Drew Taylor (Canadian Country Artist)
  3. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne. 2022 Radio Show Tags | Full
  4. Industry 45 From The Drum Throne feat. Simon Daniels (AUTOGRAPH) | FULL
  5. Industry 45 Quick Spin feat. Brad James (C89 New Canadian Country)| Full

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